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Self-acceleration of a Spherically Expanding Hydrogen-air Flame at Elevated Pressure


Self-acceleration of a spherically expanding hydrogen-air flame was experimentally investigated in a closed dual-chamber apparatus with the quartz windows enabled to a flame diameter with up to 240 mm. The flame radius and flame speed in lean hydrogen-air mixtures at elevated pressure were evaluated using a high speed Schlieren photography. The experimental results from hydrogen-air explosion at elevated pressure validated the prediction model for self-similar propagation. The flame radius and its speed calculated by the prediction models agree well with the experimental results of hydrogen-air explosions at elevated pressure. Furthermore, the acceleration exponent α is evaluated by plotting the flame radius with time. The results show the α value increase with the dimensionless flame radius, r/rcl. It is indicated that the self-acceleration and the transition regime to self-similar propagation exist in the spherically expanding hydrogen-air flame.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Japan

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Self-acceleration of a spherically expanding hydrogen-air flame at elevated pressure

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