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Transferring the Retail of Hydrogen Economy and Missing Safety Assurance


Australian regional communities are moving ahead of governments. Enterprising individuals are pushing ahead to find global solutions to local issues that governments (local or state or federal) have abandoned, stalled, mothballed or failed to resolve. We are faced with a flaw in retail of hydrogen economy as fatal as Walgett running dry or a million fish killed in Murray-Darling. The challenge in Australian regional communities will be to interpret safety assurance requirements in an appropriate manner even in severe economic swings such as drought, bushfire, or floods. In this context, the efficacious cultural embrace by regional communities of three key program elements is essential - Australian Hydrogen Safety Panel, Hydrogen Safety Knowledge Tools and Dissemination, Hydrogen Safety First Responder Training. What are the odds of no accident in retailing hydrogen for examples, to vehicles? Place is everything in regional communities of Australia because in nature (as in the ocean) there is no spin. This paper examines the safety assurance issues associated with the cultural integration of Hydrogen’s three key program elements in a country Australia that is fed-up with government.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Australia

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Transferring the retail of hydrogen economy and missing safety assurance

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