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Editorial—Special Issue “Catalysis for Energy Production”


The rapid increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations in the last several decades means that the effects of climate change are fast becoming the familiar horsemen of a planetary apocalypse. Catalysis, one of the pillars of the chemical and petrochemical industries, will play a critical role in the effort to reduce the flow of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This Special Issue is timely, as it provides a collection of high-quality manuscripts in a diverse range of topics, which include the production of green hydrogen via water electrolysis, the steam reforming of ethanol, propane or glycerol, the dry reforming of methane, and the autothermal reforming of diesel surrogate fuel. The topic of the transformation of biomass waste to chemicals is also well represented as is the tackling of CO2 emissions via novel utilization technologies. The Editors are grateful to all authors for their valuable contributions and confident that this Special Issue will prove valuable to scholars, university professors and students alike.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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