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Committee for Climate Change Fifth Carbon Budget: Central Scenario Data


This spreadsheet contains data for two future UK scenarios: a "baseline" (i.e. no climate action after 2008, the start of the carbon budget system) and the "central" scenario underpinning the CCC's advice on the fifth carbon budget (the limit to domestic emissions during the period 2028-32).
The central scenario is an assessment of the technologies and behaviours that would prepare for the 2050 target cost-effectively, while meeting the other criteria in the Climate Change Act (2008), based on central views of technology costs, fuel prices, carbon prices and feasibility. It is not prescriptive, nor is it the only scenario considered for meeting the carbon budgets. For further details on our scenarios and how they were generated, see the CCC report Sectoral scenarios for the Fifth Carbon Budget. The scenario was constructed for the CCC's November 2015 report and has not been further updated, for example to reflect outturn data for 2015 or changes to Government policy.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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Fifth Carbon Budget Dataset

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