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The Fourth Carbon Budget Review – Part 2 The Cost-effective Path to the 2050 Target


This is the second document of a two-part review of the Fourth Carbon Budget, which covers 2023 to 2027. The Fourth Carbon Budget, agreed by the Government in June 2011, was scheduled to be reviewed in 2014. The first part of the review is available here: The Fourth Carbon Budget Review – part 1: assessment of climate risk and the international response (November 2013).
According to the Climate Change Act 2008, carbon budgets can only be altered if there is a significant change in circumstances upon which the budget was set. Any such change in circumstances must be demonstrated through evidence and analysis.
The Fourth Carbon Budget Review – part 2 considers the impacts of meeting the 2023-2027 budget. The review concludes that the impacts are small and manageable, and identifies broader benefits associated with meeting the fourth carbon budget, including: improved energy security, improved air quality and reduced noise pollution.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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