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The Sixth Carbon Budget: The UK's Path to Net Zero


The Sixth Carbon Budget report is based on an extensive programme of analysis, consultation and consideration by the Committee and its staff, building on the evidence published last year for our Net Zero advice. In support of the advice in this report, we have also produced:

  • A Methodology Report, setting out the evidence and methodology behind the scenarios.
  • A Policy Report, setting out the changes to policy that could drive the changes necessary particularly over the 2020s.
  • All the charts and data behind the report, as well as a separate dataset for the Sixth Carbon Budget scenarios, which sets out more details and data on the pathways than can be included in this report.
  • A public Call for Evidence, several new research projects, three expert advisory groups and deep dives into the roles of local authorities and businesses.
Our recommended pathway requires a 78% reduction in UK territorial emissions between 1990 and 2035. In effect, bringing forward the UK’s previous 80% target by nearly 15 years.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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The Economic Impact of the Sixth Carbon Budget

The Sixth Carbon Budget - Methodology Report

Policies for the Sixth Carbon Budget and Net Zero

The Sixth Carbon Budgets - Charts and Data

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