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Simulation-based Safety Investigation of a Hydrogen Fueling Station with an On-site Hydrogen Production System Involving Methylcyclohexane


Adequate safety measures are crucial for preventing major accidents at hydrogen fuelling stations. In particular, risk analysis of the domino effect at hydrogen fuelling stations is essential because knock-on accidents are likely to intensify the consequences of a relatively small incident. Several risk assessment studies have focused on hydrogen fuelling stations, but none have investigated accidental scenarios related to the domino effect at such stations. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify a domino effect scenario, analyze the scenario by using simulations and propose safety measures for preventing and mitigating of the scenario. In this hazard identification study, we identified the domino effect scenario of a hydrogen fuelling station with an on-site hydrogen production system involving methylcyclohexane and investigated through simulations of the scenario. The simulations revealed that a pool fire of methylcyclohexane or toluene can damage the process equipment and that thermal radiation may cause the pressurized hydrogen tanks to rupture. The rupture-type vent system can serve as a critical safety measure for preventing and mitigating the examined scenario.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Japan

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