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Cross-regional Drivers for CCUS Deployment


CO2 capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is recognized as a uniquely important option in global efforts to control anthropogenic greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. Despite significant progress globally in advancing the maturity of the various component technologies and their assembly into full-chain demonstrations, a gap remains on the path to widespread deployment in many countries. In this paper, we focus on the importance of business models adapted to the unique technical features and sociopolitical drivers in different regions as a necessary component of commercial scale-up and how lessons might be shared across borders. We identify three archetypes for CCUS development—resource recovery, green growth and low-carbon grids—each with different near-term issues that, if addressed, will enhance the prospect of successful commercial deployment. These archetypes provide a framing mechanism that can help to translate experience in one region or context to other locations by clarifying the most important technical issues and policy requirements. Going forward, the archetype framework also provides guidance on how different regions can converge on the most effective use of CCUS as part of global deep-decarbonization efforts over the long term.


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