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Public Acceptance for the Implementation of Hydrogen Self-refueling Stations


The utilization of hydrogen energy is important for achieving a low-carbon society. Japan has set ambitious goals for hydrogen stations and fuel cell vehicles, focusing on the introduction and dissemination of self-refuelling systems. This paper evaluates public trust in the fuel, equipment, and self-handling technology related to self-refuelling hydrogen stations and compares it with that for widespread gasoline stations. To this end, the results of an online survey of 300 people with Japanese driver licenses are reported and analyzed. The results show that trust in the equipment and self-handling is more important for the user than trust in the fuel. In addition, to introduce and disseminate new technology such as hydrogen stations, users must be made aware of the risk of using the technology until it becomes as familiar as existing gasoline station technology.

Funding source: This work was supported by the Graduate School of Environ- ment and Information Sciences and the Center for Creation of Symbiosis Society with Risk (Institute of Advanced Sciences), Yokohama National University
Countries: Japan

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