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Hydrogen - A Sustainable Energy Carrier


Hydrogen may play a key role in a future sustainable energy system as a carrier of renewable energy to replace hydrocarbons. This review describes the fundamental physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and basic theories of hydrogen sorption reactions, followed by the emphasis on state-of-the-art of the hydrogen storage properties of selected interstitial metallic hydrides and magnesium hydride, especially for stationary energy storage related utilizations. Finally, new perspectives for utilization of metal hydrides in other applications will be reviewed.

Funding source: The work was supported by the Aarhus University Research Foundations (AUFF), the Danish National Research Foundation, Center for Materials Crystallography (DNRF93), the Innovation Fund Denmark (project HyFill-Fast), Danish Council for Independent Research, DFF – 4181-00462 (HyNanoBorN), Energistyrelsen, EUDP (64013-0136), the Danish Research Council for Nature and Universe (Danscatt), and by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 15K14168 and the International Institute for Carbon Neutral Energy Research (WPI- I2CNER), sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Finally, the authors are grateful to the Carlsberg Foundation
Countries: Denmark ; Japan

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