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An Improved State Machine-based Energy Management Strategy for Renewable Energy Microgrid with Hydrogen Storage System


Renewable energy (solar and wind) sources have evolved dramatically in recent years around the globe, primarily because they have the potential to generate environmentally friendly energy. However, operating systems with high renewable energy penetration remain challenging due to the stochastic nature of these energy sources. To tackle these problems, the authors propose a state machine-based energy management strategy combined with a hysteresis band control strategy for renewable energy hybrid microgrids that integrates hydrogen storage systems. By considering the power difference between the renewable energy source, and the demand, the battery’s state of charge, and the hydrogen storage level, the proposed energy management strategy can control the power of fuel cells, electrolyzers, and batteries in a microgrid and the power imported into/exported from the main grid. The results showed that the energy management strategy provides the following advantages: (1) the power supply and demand balance in the microgrid was balanced, (2) the lifespans of the electrolyzer and fuel cell were extended, and (3) the state of charge of the battery and the stored level of the hydrogen were appropriately ensured.

Funding source: This work was partially supported by Japan Society for the promotion of Science (JSPS), grant number 19K04325.
Countries: Japan ; Viet Nam

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