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Integrated Energy System Powered a Building in Sharjah Emirates in the United Arab Emirates


In this study, a green hydrogen system was studied to provide electricity for an office building in the Sharjah emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Using a solar PV, a fuel cell, a diesel generator, and battery energy storage; a hybrid green hydrogen energy system was compared to a standard hybrid system (Solar PV, a diesel generator, and battery energy storage). The results show that both systems adequately provided the power needed for the load of the office building. The cost of the energy for both the basic and green hydrogen energy systems was 0.305 USD/kWh and 0.313 USD/kWh, respectively. The cost of the energy for both systems is very similar, even though the capital cost of the green hydrogen energy system was the highest value; however, the replacement and operational costs of the basic system were higher in comparison to the green hydrogen energy system. Moreover, the impact of the basic system in terms of the carbon footprint was more significant when compared with the green hydrogen system. The reduction in carbon dioxide was a 4.6 ratio when compared with the basic system.

Funding source: This work was supported by the University of Sharjah, Project No. 19020406129.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways

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