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Establishment of Austria’s First Regional Green Hydrogen Economy: WIVA P&G HyWest


The regional parliament of Tyrol in Austria adopted the climate, energy, and resources strategy “Tyrol 2050 energy autonomous” in 2014 with the aim to become climate neutral and energy autonomous. “Use of own resources before others do, or have to do” is the main principle within this long-term strategic approach, in which the “power on demand” process is a main building block and the “power-to-hydrogen” process covers the intrinsic lack of a long-term, large-scale storage of electricity. Within this long-term strategy, the national research and development (R&D) flagship project WIVA P&G HyWest (ongoing since 2018) aims at the establishment of the first sustainable, business-case-driven, regional, green hydrogen economy in central Europe. This project is mainly based on the logistic principle and is a result of synergies between three ongoing complementary implementation projects. Among these three projects, to date, the industrial research within “MPREIS Hydrogen” resulted in the first green hydrogen economy. One hydrogen truck is operational as of January 2023 in the region of Tyrol for food distribution and related monitoring studies have been initiated. To fulfil the logistic principle as the main outcome, another two complementary projects are currently being further implemented.

Funding source: This project is supported with funds from the Climate and Energy Fund and implemented in the framework of the RTI-initiative “Flagship region Energy”. Vorzeigeregion Energie 2. Stufe, 3. AS, FFG Project Nr. 885959.
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Austria ; Greece

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