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Resilience-oriented Operation of Microgrids in the Presence of Power-to-hydrogen Systems


This study presents a novel framework for improving the resilience of microgrids based on the power-to-hydrogen concept and the ability of microgrids to operate independently (i.e., islanded mode). For this purpose, a model is being developed for the resilient operation of microgrids in which the compressed hydrogen produced by power-to-hydrogen systems can either be used to generate electricity through fuel cells or sold to other industries. The model is a bi-objective optimization problem, which minimizes the cost of operation and resilience by (i) reducing the active power exchange with the main grid, (ii) reducing the ohmic power losses, and (iii) increasing the amount of hydrogen stored in the tanks. A solution approach is also developed to deal with the complexity of the bi-objective model, combining a goal programming approach and Generalized Benders Decomposition, due to the mixed-integer nonlinear nature of the optimization problem. The results indicate that the resilience approach, although increasing the operation cost, does not lead to load shedding in the event of main grid failures. The study concludes that integrating distributed power-to-hydrogen systems results in significant benefits, including emission reductions of up to 20 % and cost savings of up to 30 %. Additionally, the integration of the decomposition method improves computational performance by 54 % compared to using commercial solvers within the GAMS software.

Funding source: Hossein Ameli & Goran Strbac gratefully acknowledge the EPSRC funded program “High efficiency reversible solid oxide cells for the integration of offshore renewable energy using hydrogen ”under grant number EP/W003597/1 as well as from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program "GreenHyScale" under grant agreement No 101036935.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Finland ; United Kingdom

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