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Decarbonization of Former Lignite Regions with Renewable Hydrogen: The Western Macedonia Case


For lignite intense regions such as the case of Western Macedonia (WM), the production and utilization of green hydrogen is one of the most viable ways to achieve near zero emissions in sectors like transport, chemicals, heat and energy production, synthetic fuels, etc. However, the implementation of each technology that is available to a respective sector differs significantly in terms of readiness and the current installation scale of each technology. The goal of this study is the provision of a transition roadmap for a decarbonized future for the WM region through utilizing green hydrogen. The technologies which can take part in this transition are presented, along with the implementation purpose of each technology, and the reasonable extension that each technology could be adopted in the present context. The WM region’s limited capacity for green hydrogen production leads to certain integration scenarios, with regards to the required hydrogen, electrolyzer capacities, and required power, whereas an environmental assessment is also presented for each scenario.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Greece

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