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A Multi-objective MILP Model for the Design and Operation of Future Integrated Multi-vector Energy Networks Capturing Detailed Spatio-temporal Dependencies


A multi-objective optimisation model, based on mixed integer linear programming, is presented that can simultaneously determine the design and operation of any integrated multi-vector energy networks. It can answer variants of the following questions: What is the most effective way, in terms of cost, value/profit and/or emissions, of designing and operating the integrated multi-vector energy networks that utilise a variety of primary energy sources to deliver different energy services, such as heat, electricity and mobility, given the availability of primary resources and the levels of demands and their distribution across space and time? When to invest in technologies, where to locate them; what resources should be used, where, when and how to convert them to the energy services required; how to transport the resources and manage inventory? Scenarios for Great Britain were examined involving different primary energy sources, such as natural gas, biomass and wind power, in order to satisfy demands for heat, electricity and mobility via various energy vectors such as electricity, natural gas, hydrogen and syngas. Different objectives were considered, such as minimising cost, maximising profit, minimising emissions and maximising renewable energy production, subject to the availability of suitable land for biomass and wind turbines as well as the maximum local production and import rates for natural gas. Results suggest that if significant mobility demands are met by hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles, then hydrogen is the preferred energy vector, over natural gas, for satisfying heat demands. If natural gas is not used and energy can only be generated from wind power and biomass, electricity and syngas are the preferred energy carriers for satisfying electricity and heat demands.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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