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H2FC SUPERGEN- The Role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Delivering Energy Security for the UK


This White Paper has been commissioned by the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (H2FC) SUPERGEN Hub to examine the roles and potential benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies within each sector of future energy systems, and the transition infrastructure that is required to achieve these roles. The H2FC SUPERGEN Hub is an inclusive network encompassing the entire UK hydrogen and fuel cells research community, with around 100 UK-based academics supported by key stakeholders from industry and government. It is funded by the UK EPSRC research council as part of the RCUK Energy Programme. This paper is the third of four that were published over the lifetime of the Hub, with the others examining: (i) low-carbon heat; (ii) energy security; and (iv) economic impacts.

  • Hydrogen and fuel cells are now being deployed commercially for mainstream applications.
  • Hydrogen can play a major role alongside electricity in the low-carbon economy.
  • Hydrogen technologies can support low-carbon electricity systems dominated by intermittent renewables and/or electric heating demand.
  • The hydrogen economy is not necessary for hydrogen and fuel cells to flourish.

Funding source: UK EPSRC research council, part of the RCUK Energy Programme
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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