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Annual Science Review 2020


HSE maintains a national network of doctors, appointed doctors and approved medical examiners of divers who are appointed to deliver certain vital functions under our regulatory framework.1 Over the last year or so we have been reaching out to them and offering training and networking opportunities so that we can learn from each other. Their intelligence from real workplaces helps ensure that our medical approach is grounded by what actually happens and this helped us ensure that our health and work strategy took account of their views. I think that it is increasingly important to share our approaches and our  research outcomes on the global stage in an attempt to learn from other researchers around the world. A good example is the work described in this report on the artificial stone issue. I have been lucky enough to work with the Australian research group who identified an epidemic of silicosis from this exposure in their country and helped to facilitate some cross-comparison of materials with our hygienists and measurement scientists. The dialogue continues and I hope that by doing so we can help to prevent such an epidemic from occurring in the UK.
All HSE research findings are published as soon as we are able to do this, and this demonstrates both my and Andrew Curran’s commitment to ensure that we publish the evidence we generate to make workplaces healthier for all.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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