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EU Hydrogen Strategy: A Case for Urgent Action Towards Implementation


Interest in hydrogen as one route to the decarbonisation of energy systems has risen rapidly over the past few years, with the publication of a number of hydrogen strategies from countries across the global energy economy. The momentum in Europe has increased sharply this month with the publication of an EU strategy to incorporate hydrogen into its plans for a net zero emission future. This Comment reviews the key elements of this strategy and provides an initial commentary on the main goals. We highlight the challenges that will be faced in meeting hydrogen production targets, in particular via the “green hydrogen” route, and analyse the plans for expanding the consumption of hydrogen in Europe. We also assess the infrastructure questions that will need to be answered if and when hydrogen takes on a greater role in the region, and note the extensive state support that will be needed in the early years of the implementation of the strategy. Despite this, though, we applaud the ambition laid out by the EU and look forward to the provision of more detailed plans over the coming months and years.
Link to document on OIES website

Countries: United Kingdom

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