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Hydrogen Transport - Fuelling The Future

The Future of Energy


Through the combustion of fossil fuels, the transport sector is responsible for 20-30% of global CO2 emissions. We can support the net-zero one ambition by decarbonising transport modes using green hydrogen fuelled options – hydrogen generated from renewable energy sources, such as offshore wind.

We have been working with clients across the hydrogen industry for several years, specifically around the generation, dispatch and use of hydrogen within energy systems. However interest is swiftly moving to wider hydrogen based solutions including within the fleet, rail, aviation and maritime sectors.

Our latest ‘Future of Energy’ series, explores the opportunity for green fuelled hydrogen transport. We look at each industry in detail, the barriers to uptake, market conditions and look at how the transport industry could adapt and develop to embrace a net-zero future.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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