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Investing in Hydrogen: Ready, Set, Net Zero


Achieving the UK's net zero target by 2050 will be a challenge. Hydrogen can make a substantial contribution, but it needs investment and policy support to establish demand, increase the scale of deployment and reduce costs. The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution confirms the government’s commitment to drive the growth of low carbon hydrogen in the UK through a range of measures. This includes publishing its hydrogen strategy, and setting out revenue mechanisms to attract private investment, as well as allocating further support for hydrogen production and hydrogen applications in heating.
We have created a bespoke model to help understand the cost of hydrogen in the UK across the value chain under different pathways. Our analysis highlights areas for cost reduction and identifies factors that could make hydrogen more attractive to investors.
You can read the full report on the Deloitte website at this link

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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