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Our Green Print: Future Heat for Everyone


Green Print -  Future Heat for Everyone draws together technical, consumer and economic considerations to create a pioneering plan to transition 22 million UK homes to low carbon heat by 2050.
Our Green Print underlines the scale of the challenge ahead, acknowledging that a mosaic of low carbon heating solutions will be required to meet the needs of individual communities, and setting out 12 key steps that can be taken now in order to get us there
The Climate Change Committee (CCC) estimates an investment spend of £250bn to upgrade insulation and heating in homes, as well as provide the infrastructure to deliver the energy.
This is a task of unprecedented scale, the equivalent of retro-fitting 67,000 homes every month from now until 2050. In this Report Cadent takes the industry lead in addressing the challenge.

Countries: United Kingdom

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Our Green Print: Future Heat for Everyone - Executive Summary

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