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f Engineering a Sustainable Gas Future


The Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) is the UK’s Professional Engineering Institution, supporting individuals and businesses working in the global gas industry. IGEM was founded in 1863 with the purpose of advancing the science and relevant knowledge of gas engineering for the benefit of the public.

As a not-for-profit, independent organisation IGEM acts as a trusted source of technical information, guidance and services for the gas sector. In today’s net zero context, IGEM is focused on engineering a sustainable gas future – we do this by:

  • Helping our members achieve and uphold the highest standards of professional competence to ensure the safety of the public
  • Supporting our members in achieving their career goals by providing high quality products, services and personal and professional development opportunities 
  • Acting as the voice of the gas industry when working with stakeholders to develop and improve gas policy. 

This document outlines the current UK gas policy landscape, our stance and what contribution we are making as an organisation.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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