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UK Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard: Guidance on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sustainability Criteria


The Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard sets a maximum threshold for the amount of greenhouse gas emissions allowed in the production process for hydrogen to be considered ‘low carbon hydrogen’. Compliance with the standard will help ensure new low carbon hydrogen production makes a direct contribution to our carbon reduction targets.
This guidance sets out the methodology for calculating the emissions associated with hydrogen production and the steps producers should take to prove that the hydrogen they produce is compliant with the standard.
It is for use by hydrogen producers seeking support from government schemes and policies that have adopted the standard.
The standard requires hydrogen producers to:

  • meet a GHG emissions intensity of 20g CO2e/MJLHV of produced hydrogen or less for the hydrogen to be considered low carbon
  • calculate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions up to the ‘point of production’
  • set out a risk mitigation plan for fugitive hydrogen emissions
  • meet additional requirements for the use of biogenic inputs, where relevant and as appropriate for the feedstock source and classification

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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