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World Energy Issues Monitor 2019 Managing the Grand Energy Transition


This is the tenth consecutive year of the World Energy Council’s (the Council) annual survey of key challenges and opportunities facing energy leaders in managing and shaping Energy Transitions. This year’s Issues Monitor report provides seven global maps, six regional maps and fifty national maps.
These maps have been developed by analysing the responses of nearly 2,300 energy leaders, drawn from across the Council’s diverse and truly global energy community.
The Council’s Issues Monitor identifies the strategic energy landscape of specific countries and regions in the world, through an analysis of 42 energy issues and 4 digitalisation-specific issues affecting the energy system. It provides a unique reality check and horizon scanning of persistent and emerging concerns involved in whole energy systems transition. This year’s report welcomes a significant increase in both the participation of global leaders (up over 75% from 1,300 to nearly 2,300) as well as the participation of 86 countries.
Each Issue Map provides a visual snapshot of the uncertainties and action priorities that energy policymakers, CEOs and leading experts strive to address to shape and manage successful Energy
Transitions. Maps can be used in the following ways:

  • To promote a shared understanding of successful Energy Transitions
  • To appreciate and contrast regional variations to better understand differing priorities and areas of concern
  • To follow the evolution of specific technology trends related to the energy sector

Funding source: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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