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Uncomfortable Home Truths - Why Britain Urgently Needs a Low Carbon Heat Strategy Future Gas Series Part 3


UK homes are primarily heated by fossil fuels and contribute 13% of UK’s carbon footprint (equivalent to all the UK’s 38.4m cars). The report says this is incompatible with UK climate legislation targeting net-zero economy by 2050. New polling finds that consumers are open to cleaner greener ways to heat their homes into the future but that they are “still in the dark about smarter, greener heating solutions and lack access to independent advice to help them make better decisions for their homes, pockets and the planet”.

The report – Uncomfortable Home Truths: why Britain urgently needs a low carbon heat strategy – says a bold new national roadmap is needed by 2020 which puts consumers and households at the heart of a revolution in green heat innovation. It recommends the creation of an Olympic-style delivery body to catalyse and coordinate regional innovation and local leadership, tailored to different parts of the UK and the nation’s diverse housing stock.

This report is the third in the Future Gas Series, which has explored the opportunities and challenges associated with using low carbon gas in the energy system, and is backed by cross-party parliamentary co-Chairs

Funding source: IGEM, BAXI, EUA
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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Supporting material 1: comparison of different types of low carbon heating from a householder perspective

Supporting Materials 2: Polling data

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