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Energy White Paper: Powering our Net Zero Future


The Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan has set out the measures that will help ensure the UK is at the forefront of this revolution, just as we led the first over two centuries ago. As nations move out of the shadow of coronavirus and confront the challenge of climate change with renewed vigour, markets for new green products and services will spring up round the world. Taking action now will help ensure not just that we end our contribution to climate change by achieving our target of net zero emissions. It will help position UK companies and our world class research base to seize the business opportunities which flow from it, creating jobs and wealth for our country.
Following on from the Ten Point Plan and the National Infrastructure Strategy, the Energy White Paper provides further clarity on the Prime Minister’s measures and puts in place a strategy for the wider energy system that:

  • Transforms energy, building a cleaner, greener future for our country, our people and our planet 
  • Supports a green recovery, growing our economy, supporting thousands of green jobs across the country in new green industries and leveraging new green export opportunities
  • Creates a fair deal for consumers, protecting the fuel poor, providing opportunities to save money on bills, giving us warmer, more comfortable homes and balancing investment against bill impacts.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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