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H2 Green Hydrogen Discussion Paper: Victorian Hydrogen Investment Program


This discussion paper is for stakeholders who would like to shape the development of Victoria’s emerging green hydrogen sector, identifying competitive advantages and priority focus areas for industry and the Victorian Government.
The Victorian Government is using this paper to focus on the economic growth and sector development opportunities emerging for a Victorian hydrogen industry powered by renewable energy, also known as ‘green’ hydrogen. In addition, this paper seeks input from all stakeholders on how, where and when the Victorian Government can act to establish a thriving green hydrogen economy.
Although green hydrogen is the only type of hydrogen production within the scope of this discussion paper, the development of the VHIP aligns with the policies, projects and initiatives which support these other forms of hydrogen production. The VHIP is considering the broad policy landscape and actively coordinating with related hydrogen programs, policies and strategies under development, including the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council’s National Hydrogen Strategy, to ensure a complementary approach. In Victoria, there are several programs and strategies in development and underway that have linkages with hydrogen and the VHIP.

Countries: Australia

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