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f Hy4Heat Annex To Site Specific Safety Case for Hydrogen Community Demonstration - Work Package 7


The Hy4Heat Safety Assessment has focused on assessing the safe use of hydrogen gas in certain types of domestic properties and buildings. The summary reports (the Precis and the Safety Assessment Conclusions Report) bring together all the findings of the work and should be looked to for context by all readers. The technical reports should be read in conjunction with the summary reports. While the summary reports are made as accessible as possible for general readers, the technical reports may be most accessible for readers with a degree of technical subject matter understanding. All of the safety assessment reports have now been reviewed by the HSE
Annex prepared to support Site Specific Safety Cases for hydrogen gas community demonstrations, based on work undertaken by the Hy4Heat programme. It covers a collection of recommended risk reduction measures for application downstream of the Emergency Control Valve (ECV)

Related subjects: Projects & Initiatives ; Safety
Countries: United Kingdom

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