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f HyDeploy2: Network Information and Maps


Winlaton site was chosen as the site for the HyDeploy 2 North East trial as it was seen as the site that offered a high degree of variability with regards materials on the network, size of network and statistical representation of housing. The Winlaton trial network is an estate of the wider Winlaton gas network situated in Blaydon near Gateshead. The Winlaton trial network has been isolated from the wider Winlaton gas network where it was previously supplied from and will be supplied with the blended gas from NGN’s Low Thornley gas depot with the installation of a brand-new pressure regulating district governor.
The data contained within this report outlines the expected seasonal gas demand on the Winlaton trial network and the associated leakage and repair history for the network. No unusual repairs or leakage behaviour has been observed on this network. A DSEAR assessment has been conducted on the governor station ensuring ATEX compliance. The network isolation and reinforcement requirements are also given in this report highlighting the necessary actions to isolate the trial network from the wider Winlaton gas network. The NGN Safety Case outlines the risks associated with the operation of a gas grid and the ALARP mitigations developed to minimise them and what response is necessary in case such risks are realised. The existing safety case will be amended to account for the infrastructural, operational and commercial changes associated with the HyDeploy 2 project. The report also contains a detailed register of all the assets on the Winlaton trial network, this data set was used to inform the scientific research programme and specifically to allow an assessment to be carried out with regards to the operability of the existing and newly installed assets on the Winlaton trial network with respect to the blended gas.
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