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Australian and Global Hydrogen Demand Growth Scenario Analysis

COAG Energy Council – National Hydrogen Strategy Taskforce


Deloitte was commissioned by the National Hydrogen Taskforce, established by the COAG Energy Council to undertake an Australian and Global Growth Scenario Analysis. Deloitte analysed the current global hydrogen industry, its development and growth potential, and how Australia can position itself to best capitalise on the newly forming industry.

To conceptualise the possibilities for Australia, Deloitte created scenarios to model the realm of possibilities for Australia out to 2050, focusing on identifying the scope and distribution of economic and environmental costs and benefits from Australian hydrogen industry development. This work will aid in analysing the opportunities and challenges to hydrogen industry development in Australia and the actions needed to overcome barriers to industry growth, manage risks and best drive industry development.

The full report is available on the Deloitte website at this link

Countries: Australia

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