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Catalysing Hydrogen Investment: What the Market Needs to Deliver Investment in Hydrogen Infrastructure


Written by Arup in collaboration with the GIIA, this report is centred on the opinions of investors from around the world, gathered through a survey of GIIA members and in-depth interviews. It therefore presents the sentiments of the world’s leading fund managers, insurance investors, pension funds and a sovereign wealth fund. Their opinions matter because these are the decision makers that hold the purse strings when it comes to private sector investment in hydrogen infrastructure. Many of the facts about hydrogen are well-known to many readers and these are presented in this report, drawing on Arup’s research and experience as a global infrastructure advisory firm. However, the novelty of this report is that it looks at hydrogen through the uncompromising eyes of investors, with analysis of feedback which identifies barriers to investment in the infrastructure required to enable the hydrogen economy. Perhaps most importantly, it also proposes interventions that policymakers and regulators could take to overcome the barriers currently faced.
Introduction The sentiments of investors are at the heart of this study, with results from the survey presented at the beginning of each section to serve as a launch pad for Arup’s analysis. But we want it to be more than an interesting read; it is a call to action for policy makers to create the right environment to catalyse private sector investment and kickstart the hydrogen economy.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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