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The Role of Hydrogen and Batteries in Delivering Net Zero in the UK by 2050


This report presents an analysis of how hydrogen and battery technologies are likely to be utilised in different sectors within the UK, including transportation, manufacturing, the built environment, and power. In particular, the report compares the use of hydrogen and battery technology across these sectors. In addition, it evaluates where these technologies will be in competition, where one technology will dominate, and where a combination of the two may be used. This sector analysis draws on DNV’s knowledge and experience within both the battery and hydrogen industries, along with a review of studies available in the public domain. The analysis has been incorporated into DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook model, an integrated system-dynamics simulation model covering the energy system which provides an independent view of the energy outlook from now until 2050. The modelling which includes data on costs, demand, supply, policy, population, and economic indicators enables the non-linear interdependencies between different parameters to be considered so that decisions made in one sector influence the decision made in another.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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