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The UK Hydrogen Innovation Opportunity


The report considers the full end-to-end nature of the hydrogen economy to ensure there is a common understanding of the economic opportunity it could represent by 2050. Insights from across industry have brought clarity to both market and technology requirements, identifying four focus areas that represent the greatest potential benefit for the UK. It highlights the steps needed to build the UK industrial capability and capacity to position the UK as a market leader. The UK Hydrogen Innovation Opportunity has been developed with, and for, industry with the first phase of industrial engagement involving over 250 businesses and 12 sector bodies. A second phase of industrial engagement will expand to a broader set of consulted stakeholder groups, concluding with a report entitled Hydrogen Innovation: The Case for Action in summer 2024. This will seek to validate the proposed focus areas, provide more detailed scope definition, the size of the opportunity and outline the steps required to secure them for the UK.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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