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Mapping Australia's Hydrogen Future and release of the Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool


Hydrogen can be used for a variety of domestic and industrial purposes such as heating and cooking (as a replacement for natural gas), transportation (replacing petrol and diesel), and energy storage (by converting intermittent renewable energy into hydrogen). The key benefit of using hydrogen is that it is a clean fuel that emits only water vapour and heat when combusted.

To support implementation of the National Hydrogen Strategy, Geoscience Australia in collaboration with Monash University are releasing the Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT).  HEFT is a free online tool designed to support decision making by policymakers and investors on the location of new infrastructure and development of hydrogen hubs in Australia. It considers both hydrogen produced from renewable energy and from fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage.

This seminar demonstrates HEFT’s capabilities, its potential to attract worldwide investment into Australia’s hydrogen industry, and what’s up next for hydrogen at Geoscience Australia.

You can use the Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT) on the Website of the Australian government at the link here

Countries: Australia

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