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Role of Batteries and Fuel Cells in Achieving Net Zero- Session 1

Formal meeting (oral evidence session)


The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee will question experts on the role of batteries and fuel cells for decarbonisation and how much they can contribute to meeting the net-zero target.
Tuesday’s evidence session will be the first of the committee’s new decarbonisation inquiry, which was launched on Wednesday 3 March and is currently accepting written evidence submissions.
The session will give an overview of battery and fuel cell technologies and their applications in transport and other sectors. The Committee will ask how battery manufacture can be scaled up to meet wide-scale deployment of electric vehicles, and whether technical challenges can be overcome to allow batteries and fuel cells to be used in HGVs and trains. The Committee will also investigate the wider use of batteries and fuel cells in various sectors, including integration into power grids and heating systems.
Inquiry Role of batteries and fuel cells in achieving Net Zero
Professor Nigel Brandon, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College London
Professor Mauro Pasta, Associate Professor of Materials at University of Oxford
Professor Pam Thomas, CEO at Faraday Institution, and Pro Vice Chancellor for Research at University of Warwick
Mr Amer Gaffar, Director of Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University

Possible questions

What contribution are battery and fuel cell technologies currently making towards decarbonization in the UK?
What advances do we expect to see in battery and fuel cell technologies, and over what timeframes?
How quickly can UK battery and fuel cell manufacture be scaled up to meet electrification demands?
What are the challenges facing technological innovation and deployment in heavy transport?
Are there any sectors where battery and fuel cell technologies are not currently used but could contribute to decarbonisation?
What are the life cycle environmental impacts of batteries and fuel cells?
Parliament TV video of the meeting​​​
This is part one of a three part enquiry.
Part two can be found here and part three can be found here.

Countries: United Kingdom

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