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Risk Identification for the Introduction of Advanced Science and Technology: A Case Study of a Hydrogen Energy System for Smooth Social Implementation


A method of risk identification is developed by comparing existing and advanced technologies from the viewpoint of comprehensive social risk. First, to analyze these values from a multifaceted perspective, we constructed a questionnaire based on 24 individual values and 26 infrastructural values determined in a previous study. Seven engineering experts and six social science experts were then asked to complete the questionnaire to compare and analyze a hydrogen energy system (HES) and a gasoline energy system (GES). Finally, the responses were weighted using the analytic hierarchy process. Three important points were identified and focused upon: the distinct disadvantages of the HES compared to the GES, judgments that were divided between experts in the engineering and social sciences fields, and judgments that were divided among experts in the same field. These are important risks that should be evaluated when making decisions related to the implementation of advanced science and technology.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics ; Safety
Countries: Japan

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