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Industrial Decarbonisation Policies for a UK Net-Zero Target


To inform our Sixth Carbon Budget advice, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) asked the University of Leeds to undertake independent research to evaluate which policies (and combinations of policies) would enable industrial decarbonisation in line with the UK’s net zero target, without inducing carbon leakage. The research focused on policies applicable to the manufacturing sector, but with some consideration also given to the policies required to decarbonise the Fossil Fuel Production and Supply and Non-Road Mobile Machinery sectors. This report:
Sets out a comprehensive review of existing policies;

  • Identifies future policy mechanisms that address key challenges in decarbonising industry;
  • Explores how combinations of policies might work together strategically in the form of ‘policy packages’ and how these packages might evolve over the period to 2050;
  • Evaluates a series of illustrative policy packages, and considers any complementary policies required to minimise carbon leakage and deliver ‘just’ industrial decarbonisation.
  • The findings were developed through a combination of literature review and extensive stakeholder engagement with industry, government and academic experts. 
This supported the Sixth Carbon budget.
The paper can be downloaded from the CCC website

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United Kingdom

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