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Chilean National Green Hydrogen Strategy


Like hydrogen, Chile is small by nature and, accordingly, contributes just 0.3% to global greenhouse gas emissions. However, we too have an outsized role to play in turning the tide on rising emissions and pursuing a low carbon path to growth and development.
What we lack in size, we more than make up for in potential. In the desert in the North, with the highest solar irradiance on the planet, and in the Patagonia in the South, with strong and consistent winds, we have the renewable energy potential to install 70 times the electricity generation capacity we have today. This abundant renewable energy will enable us to become the cheapest producer of green hydrogen on Earth. Our National Green Hydrogen Strategy is aimed at turning this promise into reality.
The Strategy is the result of collaborative work between industry, academia, civil society and the public sector, and is an essential piece of our carbon neutrality plan and commitment to sustainable development. It will allow us to produce and export products that are created using zero carbon fuels, distinguishing our exports as clean products for end users. It will also enable us to export our renewable energy to the world in the form of green liquid hydrogen, green ammonia and clean synthetic fuels.
Traditionally, Chile lacked fossil fuels and was forced to import the energy it required. Now, the coming of age of the tiniest atom will allow us to drive deep decarbonization in our own country and throughout the world. This Strategy is the first step for Chile in embracing this promise and fulfilling its new potential.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Chile ; Ireland ; Spain

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