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f HyDeploy Report: Keele Information


Keele University was chosen as the site for the HyDeploy project as it was seen as the site offered a high degree of control regarding safety functions, high availability of operational data and minimal supply chain interfaces given that Keele University is the supplier, transporter and distributer of natural gas at the site. The site was offered to the project as a living laboratory in line with the university's ambition to be at the forefront of energy innovation through the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND). Evidenced within this report is the supporting data that confirms the rationale for selecting Keele University and the necessary data to profile the section of the gas network which hydrogen will be injected into. The gas network at Keele University is segregated via the governor stations which regulate pressure within the network. The section of network which has been chosen for the HyDeploy project is the G3 network, which is regulated by the G3 governor.

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Countries: United Kingdom

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