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f HyDeploy Report: Summary of European Hydrogen Blending Projects


Across Europe, permitted blend levels of hydrogen blending into the gas grid are appreciably higher than that currently permitted in the UK, up to 12% mol/mol compared with 0.1% mol/mol. Whilst there is some routine blending undertaking – typically power to gas applications, three major projects have been undertaken to demonstrate operation of a gas distribution network at higher blend levels of hydrogen.
A Dutch project was completed in 2011 which demonstrated successful operation into a network with new appliances at 20% mol/mol. A German project was completed in 2015 which demonstrated successful operation into an existing gas network with existing appliances at their permitted level of 10% mol/mol. In France, an extensive programme is underway to inject hydrogen into a network at 20% mol/mol, due to commence injection in 2018.
Each of these projects undertook extensive pre-trial activities and operational data was collected during the Dutch and German trials. The programme of pre-trial work for the French project was particularly extensive, and mirrored the work done by HyDeploy. This led to a permit being granted for the French project at 20% mol/mol, with injection into the network imminent.
The HyDeploy team has engaged with each of the project teams who have been very co-operative; this has enabled scientific sharing of best practice. In all cases, the projects were successful. The participants in the Dutch project were particularly keen to have been able to undertake a similar trial to HyDeploy; a larger trial into existing appliances. However, political changes in Holland have precluded that at this time, such progress was not limited by technical findings from the work.
A high level overview of the projects and the data provided is summarised in this report. More detailed information is referenced and covered in more detail where required in the appropriate individual topic reports supporting the Exemption.
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