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f HyDeploy Report: Summary of Procedural Changes During Trial


The assessment of appropriate operational procedures to govern the injection of a hydrogen/natural gas blend into the Keele University G3 gas distribution network was a requirement as part of the HyDeploy project. To perform this assessment a group of gas industry experts (from Cadent, Northern Gas Networks and Keele University Estates Team) along with scientists and engineers from the Health & Safety Laboratory came together to form an Operational Procedures Forum. This forum came together periodically in various workshops to explore and assess the impact of hydrogen blended gas on all the relevant and current operational procedures that govern the safe transportation and utilisation of natural gas within the Keele University G3 gas distribution network.
The operational procedures assessment has led to a determination as to whether a change is or is not required for relevant operational procedures where a basis of concern existed with respect to the injection of hydrogen blended gas. The report essentially summarises the key points of the basis of concern for different operational procedures by highlighting the key points of the existing procedure and whether this procedure requires modification for the hydrogen blended gas injection trial. Any requirements to modify an existing procedure have been given in this report referencing the source as to where the detailed analysis for the change/no change recommendation has been given.
The forum took into account the associated experimental and research carried out as part of the HyDeploy project such as the assessment of gas characteristics, materials impact, asset survey of assets on the Keele G3 GDN and impact of hydrogen blended gas on gas detection equipment, references to these studies have been given accordingly to associated impacted operational procedures.
The conclusion of the assessment is that there are some operational procedures that are unchanged, some that require an increase in the frequency as to how often they are performed and some procedures which require a fundamental modification. Therefore it is necessary that an appropriate training package is built off the back of the results presented in this report and disseminated accordingly to all relevant Operatives that will be responsible for the safety, operation and maintenance of the Keele G3 GDN during the hydrogen blend injection period.
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