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f HyDeploy Report: Trial Management


The trial management philosophy of HyDeploy has been developed to enable the overall objectives of the project to be achieved; the safe demonstration of operating a Gas Distribution Network (GDN) on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen. This document provides an overview of the management and governance processes associated with the trial itself. The operational and safety related undertakings before, during and after the trial are summarised within this report, as well as the intrial experimental programme. The detailed operational procedures are covered in HyD-Rep09.
The programme structure of HyDeploy consists of three phases: Phase 1: Enabling work for preparation of GS(M)R Exemption, Phase 2: Construction and installation of process equipment, and Phase 3: Safe injection of hydrogen – the trial.
This report focuses on Phase 3 which has two parts; the Proving Trial and; the Trial. As Statutory Duty Holder, Keele is accountable for operation of the network it owns over the course of the trial. Operation and maintenance of the network will be undertaken according to the provisions of the Exemption, on the basis of agreed revised procedures (HyD-Rep09) by Keele and Cadent. A governance process is in place to manage the blending of hydrogen into the network. This isdescribed in Sections 2 and 3.
Safety related undertakings will be actioned before, during and after the trial to mitigate risks identified through the house-to-house testing (HyD-Rep06), procedural review (HyD-Rep09) and quantitative risk assessment (HyD-Rep02). This scope of the undertakings includes actions associated with the end appliances, the network itself and the process equipment to be installed.
The detail of these undertakings is given in Section 4.
As part of the trial, an experimental programme has been designed to provide further evidence relating to the interactions of a hydrogen blend on network materials and end appliances. The experimental programme is detailed in Section 5.
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