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f HyDeploy Report: Gas Characteristics (Leakage, Dispersion and Flammability)


The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) has carried out an investigation into the gas characteristics that may influence the leakage, dispersion and flammability hazards associated with blended natural gas-hydrogen mixtures containing up to 20 % mol/mol hydrogen. The work was carried out under contract to Cadent & Northern Gas Networks as part of the HyDeploy project, which was commissioned to investigate the feasibility of using blended hydrogen-natural gas mixtures in UK mains gas distribution networks.
Under the HyDeploy project a demonstration scheme is being carried out at Keele University in which it is planned to inject up to 20 % mol/mol hydrogen. Keele is Britain’s largest campus university and an ideal test site for a demonstration scheme as its gas distribution network is largely independent of the national gas network but still subject to UK gas industry procedural controls. It is anticipated that a successful demonstration scheme will facilitate the use of blended natural gas-hydrogen mixtures throughout the UK leading to significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. The project is being led by Cadent & Northern Gas Networks and also involves ITM Power, Progressive Energy, Keele University and HSL in consortium.
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